Whether you are dramatically into trends or not, it can be beneficial and exciting to see what's piquing interest within the space of engagement rings. It will empower you to pick up something unique and beautiful representation of your love for each other.

Since an engagement ring is for a lifetime, why settle for something ordinary? So, here is for you a round-up of five trends couples are running after in 2022. 

1. Gender Neutral Rings

No labels here – that's what defines gender-neutral rings that are increasing in popularity in recent times. And your favourite celebs have also already jumped on the bandwagon, like Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa.

And if you have not because you think gender-neutral means plain and boring, you are in for a huge surprise! The choices are endless, from design dipping in diamonds to bolder, intense styles and, let's not forget about minimalist ones.

In clear terms, these are bands that are suitable for both men and women.


"TOI ET MOI" translates to "you and me" in French.

As such, this ring symbolizes the coming together of two individuals in the bond of love through the expression of two gemstones set together side by side on a ring, as per Lisa Levinson, Head of Marketing and Communications, Natural Diamond Council.

Typically, in this band, natural diamond is of superior importance. However, in recent times, many jewellers have been experimenting with other stones, such as sapphires, pearls, or emeralds, to make up other precious stones in this remarkably romantic style. 

3. Colourful Gemstones

Many new designers have come forward with the information that customers are increasingly asking about colours that can be added to their engagement rings. People are no more interested in going for just a white ring.

As a result, Coloured rings have their "fan-girl" moment, allowing couples to select something bright and vibrant to portray their love.

Most people opt for pale blues, pink or yellow sapphires, while some go after champagne diamonds or green, peach, and teal sapphires. That said, some jewellery designers have also brought to attention a natural grey or brown diamond trend – very peculiar taste, you can tell!

4. Vintage Nostalgia

In the same way, the vintage vibe has bewitched the fashion industry; antique engagement rings captivate the jewellery industry.

For most, finding a one-of-a-kind heirloom piece can be pretty tricky—nothing to be disheartened about because you can come up with your vintage-inspired design.

Most designers on demand will create for you an engagement ring that is a true reflection of your family heirloom and has a twist of your own. You can also ask to engrave a special message on the ring to give it a more personal and sentimental value.

5. Oval Shape

Oval shapes are rising in the popularity charts and will continue to do so in the future. It could be because this type of shape brings attention to the hand and enhances the appearance of the fingers.

Research suggests that most demand is for oval diamonds in the delicate four-talon claw setting on a sleek and slim band, which speaks for itself. However, few have also raised a query for three-stone rings.

On the whole, people are interested to see diamonds in different styles.

Final Thoughts

Whether you come together to shop or leave it in the hands of each other, engagement rings are of prime importance. They bound you in holy matrimony, symbolically representing your ending love for one another. So, shouldn't they be something uniquely amazing?

Yeah! They should.

And for that reason, you must use these trends as a source of inspiration to make a choice.